Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP

You had a motorcycle accident? You have been hurt, maybe even hard? From the cause of the accident, we demand maximum compensation. But that's just a small part of your personal injury. We demand everything for you, including the damage to the motorcycle. Do not worry about the legal costs: they have to pay the insurance of the guilty accident opponent when declared. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer from Hanning & Sacchetto, LLP in Whitter. Motorcycle accident compensation money There are often injuries in the motorcycle accident. The involved car usually gets away with a sheet metal damage. In 70% of motorcycle accidents, the blame lies not with the motorcyclist. Motorcyclists are often overlooked at intersections and junctions. The shocking statement "I just did not see it!" Is not rare, but is not good as an excuse. You have to pay anyway. The risk that you as a motorcyclist in an accident even seriously injured is high. Pelvic ring fractures, vertebral fractures, craniocerebral traumas, fractures of the arm and leg bones, joint injuries, especially of the shoulder joint, ankle or knee, are often the sad result of the motorcycle accident. As a motorcycle accident law firm in Whittier they can provide you all you need.