auto accident

How should one behave in the presence of a claim? Therefore, when an auto accident occurs, first of all it is necessary to check that the vehicles and the people involved are not in a position to cause another accident. In this case, the presence of an accident must be adequately reported to other road users. If people are injured, the ambulance must be called. And, again, if the accident is serious, it is necessary to ask the authorities to intervene. so that they can proceed to the necessary findings, in order to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident. On the site of the accident it is necessary to acquire as much information as possible; in particular: 1) the identity of the drivers and the owners of the vehicles involved, ie personal data, address, telephone contact, and data relative to the driving license; 2) the Insurance Company of the respective vehicles, or the name of the Company, the policy number and the agency. And, again, if other people have witnessed the accident, it is worth noting the name, surname, address and telephone contact of any witnesses and vehicle passengers. The friendly statement must always be completed in all its parts, even if the counter parties are not available to sign it. For more details contact Charles J. Argento & Associates a personal injury law firm located in Houston.