Product Liability in Las Vegas

Third party liability insurance primarily protects the injured in traffic accidents, but also their perpetrators. Thanks to the fact that in the event of communication damage, the insurance company, not the accident offender, is obliged to pay the appropriate amount of compensation, the injured person is sure that he will receive compensation for the damages suffered. It is not exposed to the insolvency of the accident. The perpetrator of a Las Vegas accident is not exposed to depletion of property resulting from the need to repair the damage himself.  Get a Las Vegas product liability lawyer.


The insurer is obliged to pay compensation for a transport accident to any injured person in this case or to the family if the accident results in the death of the victim. Compensation is granted to every victim in an accident unless he is the perpetrator. Compensation from civil liability is granted to both the driver who is not the perpetrator, passengers, including the perpetrator's passengers, pedestrians hit by them, or cyclists hit by bikers. Compensation after an accident also belongs if the offender has run away from the scene of the incident or did not have a valid third party liability insurance. In such cases, the Insurance Guarantee Fund joins the insurance company, which should pay compensation from the UFG. Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are a personal injury law firm located in Las Vegas.