Family Lawyer in Tampa

Maintenance obligation Matters for maintenance are in the framework of divorce cases, separation or as separate proceedings before Family Divisions of District Courts. It is during the hearings that the court decides to whom, from whom, for what period and in what amount the alimony is due. Use The Law Firm for Family Law for a Tampa family lawyer.


Maintenance (in other words: maintenance obligation) is a burden imposed on the obligated person in the form of an order to transfer the means of subsistence and / or means of education to the entitled person. Importantly, this kind of benefit can be granted not only to children, but also to the spouse in justified cases. When applying for child support in Tampa, it is worth taking advantage of legal assistance. A good Tampa family law lawyer will assess at the initial stages of the preparation for the hearing whether it is possible to apply for such benefits, and if so, in what amount. For more information visit The Law Firm for Family Law a family law firm in Tampa.