Alimony Lawyers in San Bernardino

Despite the seeming simplicity, alimony collection cases have a lot of features and hidden nuances. In Law Office of Joyce Holcomb, a family law firm in San Bernardino are oversaturated with claims for the recovery of alimony and maintenance obligations. About them will be discussed below. The basis of all cases of alimony is maintenance for the maintenance of children.


The right to appeal to the court is one of the parents with whom the child lives, and with whom he is actually in maintenance. Usually, the San Bernardino courts award alimony in part from all incomes of one of the parents. You will need a San Bernardino alimony lawyer to help.


In practice, this is either 1/3 or 1/4, more often 1/4. If the parent does not officially work, the court may award alimony in a fixed amount of money (a fixed figure).