Post Marital Agreement Attorney Clearwater

The post-marital maintenance must be asserted separately after the divorce. You will need a Clearwater post-martial agreement attorney for this. For life, however, there is no entitlement to post-marital maintenance. Mostly it is limited in time or limited in height. Decisive for the amount of the post-marital maintenance is the adequate need for life. It takes into account the duration of the marriage and the number of children, as well as the already paid separation maintenance. The Law Firm For Family Law are a Clearwater based family law firm who can help you in your time of need. 


If a Clearwater partner suffers a financial disadvantage as a result of the marriage, since he was unable to provide for his own support during this period, for example childcare, this disadvantage will be taken into account in favor of the dependents in the event of full divorce (and not in half). In addition, not only the economic factor plays a role, but also the posthumous solidarity is considered. In other words, even if no marriage-related disadvantages can be determined, a limitation or reduction of the post-marriage maintenance is only to be carried out in the case of unfairness of a continuing maintenance claim according to the marital conditions of life.