Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

An accident attorney Las Vegas can really assist you, when you are going through a trying time of dealing with an injury from an accident. If you were not the person who caused the accident in Las Vegas, then hiring a lawyer is your best option. You will most likely be award some type of settlement in order to pay for the damages that happened to you. Any medical bills, follow up appointments, and any other costs you may have accumulated. Your attorney will be on your side, trying their best to get you the type of compensation that you need. It won’t matter if you suffered an injury from a fire related accident, a truck accident, or even a helicopter accident.


Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas who can help you with your accident related injury case. They have experience in countless different types of accidents that have happened all over Las Vegas. They have gotten their clients’ money for pedestrian accidents, auto accidents, construction accidents, taxi cab accidents, and even dog bite cases. When you hire this law firm you know that you are getting some quality service from top notch attorneys.